Our Success Story

our success story

As at today, quite a number of Nigerians and particularly NTA staff have benefitted from patronizing our products. We have through the years provided many comfortable and affordable houses among other building types, there by, having various estates in the Federal Capital, Territory(Abuja) and Nasarawa State.

The estates executed so far are listed below:

1NTAPIC estate Jikwoyi
- 26 units of fully detached 2 bedroom bungalow
Jikwoyi FCT, Nyanya-keffi RoadSold
2NTAPIC estate Karu I
- 8 units of 2 bedroom semi-detached bungalow
FHA Nyanya,FCTSold
3NTA Deluxe estate Karu II
- 48 units of 3 bedroom fully detached bungalow
- 3 Units of detached 2 bedroom bungalows
- 1 unit of Semi-detached 2 bedroom
- 22 units of 1 bedroom block of flats
- 1 block of 3 units of 1 Bedroom flats
- 1 unit of fully detached 1-Bedroom
FHA Nyanya,FCTSold
4NTA PIC estate Mararaba I
- 4 units of 2 bedroom block of flats.
- 8 units of 1 bedroom block of flats.
Abacha road, Nasarawa StateSold
5NTA estate Mararaba II
- 8 units of Semi-detached 2 bedroom bungalow
- 2 units of Semi-detached 3 bedroom bungalow
Abacha road, Nasarawa StateSold
6NTA estate Karimo District
- 11 units of 3 bedroom terraced duplex
Life Camp FCT/KarimoSold
7NTA estate Mararaba III
- 13 units of 1 bedroom block of flats
Tafawa Balewa, NasarawaSold
8NTA Royal estate
- 14 units of 1 bedroom block of flats Nasarawa
- 10 units of 2 bedroom terraced houses
- 8 units of 3 bedrooms semi-detached bungalows.
One man village, Mararaba1 unit of 3 bedroom for sale
9NTA estate Oyadiran
- 6 units of 3 bedroom bungalow
- 2 units fo 1 bedroom bungalow
Yaba, LagosRental Apartment

Acquisition of Land

We source land for interested clients t build their houses. Some of our clients at Kaduna, Kano, Sokoto, Enugu and Calabar are beneficiaries of this products.