Our Estates

NTAPIC housing scheme is a true one stop shop for your housing needs as we designed all our housing units with the approval of the constituted authorities, as at today, quite a number of staff and external clients are subscribers and both the building industry regulatory bodies attest to the high quality of houses provided at affordability and flexible mode of payment.

Some of our housing estate is located in the as follows areas:
(1) NTAPIC Estate Jikwoyi District, FCT, Abuja. The estate comprise of 26 Units of Two bedroom flats built on 1000 m2 of land.

(2) NTAPIC Estate Karu II Nyanya FHA Karu (Nasarawa State). 49, Units of Three bedroom fully detached bungalows; 5, Units of Two bedroom Flats 26, Units of one bedroom self contained flats.

(3) NTAPIC Estate Karu III (Nyanya F. C. T.) 8, Units of two bedroom semi detached.

(4) NTAPIC Estate Mararaba I 4, Units of Two Bedroom Flats 8, Units of one bedroom Flats.

(5) NTAPIC Estate Mararaba II 8, Units of Two Bedrooms Semi-detached 2, Units of Three Bedrooms Semi-detached houses

(6) NTAPIC Estate Mararaba III 13, Units of one Bedroom self contained. 8, Units of Three bedrooms Semi-detached Units 10, Units of Two Bedrooms Semi-detached Units 14, Units of One Bedroom Flats

(7) NTAPIC Estate Life Camp 11, Units of Terraced duplex Flats of 4 Bedrooms Proposed 8 units of One Bedroom flats

(8) NTAPIC Estate Oyadiran Estate (Yaba Lagos) 6, Units of one Three Bedroom Flats 2, Units of One (1) Bedroom Flats